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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Smoke and Soot Cleanup at a Repair Shop in Portland

Oily rags and cartons in a repair shop in Portland ignited from a welding spark. No structural damage occurred, no cars were torched, but there was a messy resi... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Hendersonville Home

Mold damage at this Hendersonville home’s laundry room began with a hose leak. The leak was hidden behind the washing machine and went undetected for some... READ MORE

Hendersonville Tragic Result of Burning Bedroom

The flames and smoke engulfed more than just the bedroom in this Hendersonville home. The water removal was quickly accomplished even as we were demolishing the... READ MORE

Storm Damage to Several Walls in Portland Home

Water wicked up about a foot into this drywall on the first floor of a post-storm flood home in Portland. The non-salvageable material was cut out along with th... READ MORE

Wet Showroom in Hendersonville Gets Help

The water intrusion from a broken line in the men's room ran down the tiled pathway and seeped into carpeting. The damage wasn't extensive, but the retail estab... READ MORE

Residential Cleaning In Hendersonville

No cleaning job is too big for our team. As you can tell by the customer comments below, they were very happy with the services completed. Leo and Crew, My fam... READ MORE

Supply Line Burst Causing Gallatin Water Damage

A toilet supply line burst to cause substantial water damage to this Gallatin home. The linoleum floor was saturated, and the drywall was wet. SERVPRO of Sumner... READ MORE

Leak Led to Flooring Damage in Gallatin

The kitchen floor sustained substantial water damage in Gallatin from a slow water leak and the tile needed to be removed and restored. The sub floor underneath... READ MORE

SERVPRO Gets Things Clean and Sanitary

We always try to stay ahead of the curve, so we are introducing our latest cleaning equipment--The Esporta Machine. The Esporta Machine is an industrial grade w... READ MORE

Storm Damage to a Houston, TX Home

Hurricane Harvey came through Houston, TX and left a trail of devastation behind. So many home and business owners were affected and the damage was widespread. ... READ MORE

Mold Damage to a Goodlettsville, TN Crawlspace

It is no secret that Tennessee weather is ever changing, causing the humidity during the summer to be high. Our SERVPRO of Sumner County office receives countle... READ MORE

Water Damage to Hendersonville, TN home

Imagine coming home from being out of town and finding a water leak the originated on the second floor of your home causing the ceiling to fall through on your ... READ MORE

Post Construction Duct Cleaning

After renovations are completed your visions are coming to fruition and things are looking great! What you can’t see by simply walking through a home is y... READ MORE

SERVPRO® of Sumner County Helps With Ice Dams In The Northeast

Snow is pretty and fun to play in, but in large amounts it can cause severe damage. When Boston received an overwhelming amount of snow in a short amount of tim... READ MORE

Hurricane Harvey - The Aftermath

This Houston, TX home was hit hard when Hurricane Harvey reared his ugly head. You can see in these photos that there was quite a bit of demo that needed to be ... READ MORE

Water Damage To A Finished Basement In Hendersonville

A homeowner in Hendersonville had an unfortunate morning when they went downstairs to their finished basement to find a pipe had burst inside of their wall. Luc... READ MORE

A Turkey Flew The Coop In Hendersonville

Turkey anyone? This Hendersonville business found themselves in an odd predicament when a turkey made its way through their window. It is not every day that SER... READ MORE

Commercial Duct Cleanings in Gallatin

After you have completed home renovations things are looking great! What you can’t see by simply walking through a home is your duct work. During construc... READ MORE

Sumner County Fire Damage

Look at the difference in these photos! A fire started on the back patio of a home in Sumner County and caused quite a bit of damage to the interior of the stru... READ MORE

SERVPRO® of Sumner County Helps Small Businesses

During storm events there are countless calls that come into our SERVPRO® of Sumner County office from individuals and business owners that have been affect... READ MORE

SERVPRO® of Sumner County Aides With South Carolina Storm Damage

Storm damage to a business can leave a lasting impact on not only the owner and employees, but also the customers. With commercial damages it is always importan... READ MORE

SERVPRO® of Sumner County Provides Emergency Services to Hendersonville Home Owner

A house fire in Hendersonville, left a homeowner in need of a new roof and extensive work to the interior of the home. SERVPRO® of Sumner County was contact... READ MORE

Mold Damage in Sumner County Crawlspace

Crawlspaces are tricky spaces. Because they are an unconditioned space, they are a breeding ground for mold if there is any moisture. This Sumner County homeown... READ MORE

Roof Leak Causes Mold Damage In Gallatin Home

A Gallatin home owner noticed a substantial amount of mold growth in a hall closet that he found out was the cause of an ongoing roof leak. Our SERVPRO® of ... READ MORE

SERVPRO® of Sumner County Takes On Mold In Gallatin Crawlspace

SERVPRO® of Sumner County was called to a home in Gallatin that was having issues with mold in their crawlspace. Our teams completed a remediation in the cr... READ MORE

Mold Damage to Duct Work in Sumner County Home

We received a call regarding mold on registers in a home and possibly inside of the flex lines as well. Our project manager inspected the damage and advised the... READ MORE

Commercial Fire In Hendersonville, TN

Our teams received a call regarding a warehouse in Hendersonville that had caught fire. One of our owners inspected the damage personally and spoke with the bui... READ MORE

The Mondayest Monday

Mondays are hard enough without coming into work to realize the water cooler has leaked over the weekend. That’s exactly what happened to one Sumner Count... READ MORE

Damage To Hendersonville Commercial New Construction

Water damages occur during new construction more often than you would think. There are so many trades in and out trying to finish their project and meet a deadl... READ MORE