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SERVPRO of Sumner County Office Team

Meet Our Office Team

We've got an awesome Office Team here at SERVPRO of Sumner County that keeps us all on track. The team is led by our Office Manager, Becca Smith (middle), who joined us in 2014, and includes two Job File Coordinators, Rebecca Sinor (left) and Kati Mai Keyes (right).

SERVPRO of Sumner County Reconstruction Team

Meet Our Reconstruction Team

We have a great Reconstruction Team here at SERVPRO of Sumner County. It's led by Division Manager, Dakota Brent (top middle), and includes two estimators, Michael Britton (top left) and John Reilly (bottom left), and two project managers, James Witcher (top right) and Chandler Richardson (bottom right).

Meet Our Marketing Staff

Meet our marketing team! Brice Cordell is our marketing manager and has been with the company since 2013. Ryan Goad is a marketing representative and has been with the company since 2017 and Katie Sellens is our marketing coordinator and has been with the company since 2014. Our team is involved in the local chambers and rotaries and enjoys being a part of many other community events and organizations.

Meet The Owners

Bob and Lori Pospisil began their SERVPRO® franchise journey in 1996 from the comfort of their own home. Since they began in their home, they have purchased another franchise, which was sold in March of 2017 when they purchased SERVPRO® of Sumner County, they have begun the process of selling the franchises to their daughter (Heather Sullins) and her husband (Cody Sullins) along with his twin brother (Cory Sullins), built another building at their current location to provide room for more growth, which they quickly out grew and are in the process of building a new location in the Sumner County area. Although there have been ever evolving changes within the company allowing growth and new opportunities for the Pospisil’s and Sullins, they hold tight to their commitment to continue to serve all of the communities and provide the best service in their areas.

Sewage Backup

Yuck! A sewage back up is not something that anyone wants to be faced with in their home or business. I mean it’s a pretty crappy situation….right? Okay, all jokes aside, we see this in our customers’ homes more often than we would like. When the sewer system backs up it can come back into your home or business anyway that it would leave your home or business. Toilets, showers, sinks, any source with a drain is susceptible. If you find yourself in this situation call SERVPRO® of Sumner County at 615-822-0200 to ensure that your crappy situation can turn into a happy situation.

Meet Our Production Team

Not all super heroes wear capes! This group of gentleman work very hard to ensure that SERVPRO® of Sumner Counties customers are taken care of promptly and with great care. Because SERVPRO® of Sumner County is open 24/7 to assist with any damages our customers may have, these fine fellas often put in long hours. If you find yourself in need of our services, rest assured that our production crew has your best interest and home at the forefront of their mind. You will always have an IICRC Certified technician on site to assess the damage and find the best possible solution and drying plan for you and your family.

Dryer Fire In Sumner County

This damage was caused by a dryer fire that was contained to the laundry room. Unfortunately, this Sumner County customer had heavy soot damage throughout his entire home and contents.

Roof Damage

We received a call from a homeowner regarding water damage caused by a hole in the roof of their property. This is a second property for this customer and when they came to check on the home there had been storm damage to the roof which resulted in a hole.

New Construction

Surprisingly we receive more calls than you would think on new construction. We received a call recently regarding a water damage at this Sumner County commercial building. We responded immediately to help this customer keep their deadlines.

Exhaust Fan Fire In Sumner County Home

This Sumner County homeowner called SERVPRO® of Sumner County after an exhaust fan in his bathroom caught fire in his home. Because the damage was minimal and confined, our teams were able to get things finished for him quickly.

Sumner County Water Damage

In this photo you can see damage caused by a leak above. Our teams are trained to always check the crawlspace if there is a leak on the main level. Many times water will travel under the flooring, through the sub-floor and penetrate the crawlspace. Our teams can often set drying equipment in the crawlspace to aid in the drying process from below.

Mold in a Tennessee Crawlspace

Mold is not an uncommon find in Tennessee crawlspaces. Because of the crazy weather that Tennessee is known for, crawlspaces are most times high in humidity and moisture. This damage was not caused by Tennessee weather though. This damage is the result of an ongoing leak that has saturated the sub-floor above and caused subsequent damage in the crawlspace.

Sumner County Mold Damage

This Sumner County homeowner had a crack in their bathtub, causing damage to the sub-floor underneath. When they discovered the damage they knew to call the professionals at SERVPRO® of Sumner County at 615-822-0200.

When The Rubber Meets The Wall – Sumner County Fire Restoration

SERVPRO® of Sumner County uses dry sponges made of mostly rubber to clean the flat surfaces in a home after they have been HEPPA vacuumed and the loose soot has been removed. These sponges will remove stuck on soot and help with cleaning the wall and ceiling surfaces. If our teams are not receiving transfer from the walls and ceilings on the sponges and the surfaces still show damage the walls are sealed and painted.

SERVPRO® of Sumner County Restores Fire Damages

SERVPRO® of Sumner County receives many calls regarding fire, smoke and soot damages in the area. Our teams have been through countless hours of training for restoring fire damaged properties. Here you can see one of our team members using a HEPPA vacuum to pull the loose soot from the wall.

Why Exhaust Fans Are Important in Your Sumner County Home

Bathrooms are a high humidity area in your home. Exhaust fans in bathrooms are meant to pull humidity from the air and duct it to the exterior of the home. Properly installed bathroom exhaust fans will rid the air of excess moisture, humidity and odor. This exhaust fan was not properly installed and did not have the proper insulation on the ducting, which in turn caused it to condensate and mold began to grow.

Efflorescence and Mold in Sumner County Basement

If basements do not have proper ventilation or are not properly sealed they can begin to have moisture problems, causing efflorescence or mold to grow. This photo shows a sealed basement wall with efflorescence and mold present.

SERVPRO® of Sumner County Saves Cabinets in Hendersonville Home

Water damages often times originate in kitchens. Our teams are trained to dry the structure as quickly as possible to reduce the amount of damage. Water travels quickly through sub-floor and can breach cabinets and even at times travel under walls to other adjacent rooms. Many times if our trained teams feel that the cabinets can be dried in place we are able to detach toe kick and drill cavity holes to direct air flow underneath. This not only reduces the claim, but also allows the homeowner to utilize their kitchen area while work is being completed.

SERVPRO® of Sumner County Saves Hardwood Flooring

Water can damage hardwood flooring quickly if it is not addressed. Our SERVPRO® of Sumner County office has specialty equipment that can aide in drying floors quickly and efficiently so that they are able to be salvaged. Pictured is our mat system that uses suction to pull the water out of the flooring while it is being dried.

Broken Pipe Causes Damage in Sumner County Home

Busted water pipes can cause substantial amounts of damage to a home. This picture depicts the amount of water that is dispersed throughout a home after a pipe bursts.  This damage was found shortly after it happened under the kitchen sink and you can see the amount of water that traveled to a spare room down the hall. It is important to stop the leak and call for mitigation services as soon as possible to help lessen the damage. Call SERVPRO® of Sumner County if you are in need of water damage services.

SERVPRO® Restores House Fire in Gallatin

When cleaning the structure for fire damages, we use dry sponges made up of rubber to pull soot transfer from flat surfaces. These are used to clean the walls, ceilings, cabinets etc. Soot stains and embeds in drywall easily leaving an unsightly black residue as well as a charred smoke smell. Once the sponges are not pulling transfer from the surfaces the walls are ready for paint, we refer to this at times as “prep to paint”.

SERVPRO® of Sumner County Assists With Apartment Fire in Westmoreland

An apartment complex in Westmoreland caught fire during the night causing major damage. All of the tenants were able to escape unharmed, but the damage to the structure of their units would take quite some time to complete. Our teams at SERVPRO® of Sumner County helped to coordinate for the roof to be tarped and replaced as well as completed pack outs and content cleaning for the affected units and completed mitigation to get ready for the repairs to be completed.

SERVPRO® of Sumner County Assists With Gatlinburg Fires

SERVPRO® of Sumner County assisted with the damage caused by the fires in Gatlinburg. The smoke and soot was so thick from the fires it affected many properties and businesses over a vast area. The smoke and soot coated the outside of structures and made its way into the properties and businesses affecting the contents. Our teams were grateful to have the opportunity to serve Gatlinburg, its residents, business owners and patrons during this time.

Commercial Duct Cleaning-Gallatin, TN

After you have completed home renovations things are looking great! What you can’t see by simply walking through a home is your duct work. During construction all of the dust that is produced from drywall and trim cuts is recirculated through your home and finds its resting place in your duct work and HVAC system. A post construction duct cleaning is a crucial last step to your renovation process. If you are in the process of renovations, have plans for renovations or you own or work for a construction company call SERVPRO® of Sumner County for a free quote today.

Turkey vs. Window in Hendersonville

Turkey anyone? This Hendersonville business found themselves in an odd predicament when a turkey made its way through their window. It is not every day that SERVPRO® of Sumner County receives a call for a board up because a turkey flew through their window.

Storm Damage to a Robertson County Home

Heavy rains caused a nearby creek to flood this Robertson County home, causing damage to the entire property. Our teams are always “Here to help” when our customers need it!

Category 3 Damage in Gallatin, TN

Our team suited up and was ready for action before entering this Category 3 damage. Our teams don't always have the most fun job, but they always have a positive attitude and are ready for whatever comes their way!

Storm Damage to a Hendersonville, TN Home

Heavy rains caused a nearby creek to flood this Sumner County home, causing damage to the entire property. Our teams are always “Here to help” when our customers need it!

Flood Cuts in a Houston, TX Home

This Houston, TX property was affected by Hurricane Harvey. Our teams were onsite for 13 days completing all necessary demo and drying. Our teams are always ready to travel and help where needed!

Damaged Flooring Caused by Hurricane Harvey

When our teams arrived at this property in Houston, TX the property had been affected by 3 feet of water. The floors in the home along with other materials were demoed and the structure dried.

Floor Tenting in Hendersonville, TN Home

Our teams go above and beyond to try and save damaged materials in our customers’ homes. These hardwood floors were able to be saved after our teams tented the damage to create a drying chamber.

Water Damage at Sumner County Funeral Home

Many of our commercial customers rely on our teams to complete services with little delay to ensure that their businesses are up and running. Our teams arrived on site quickly to help make this water damage at a Sumner County Funeral Home “Like it never even happened.”

Mold Damage to a Sumner County Business

We were called by a Sumner County business to complete a mold remediation. The mold had begun growing behind wallpaper due to water damage. Our teams completed the remediation to make the damage "Like it never even happened."

Fire Consumed Commercial Property in Hendersonville

A commercial property in Hendersonville was almost destroyed by fire in the middle of the night. Once the scene was released our teams to began to remove affected items and prepare the structure for repairs.  

SERVPRO's Commercial Cleaning Services For Your Business

We can handle all of your commercial cleaning needs in an emergency or on a scheduled basis. Our highly trained technicians are certified in carpet cleaning, biohazard, crime scene cleanup, and sewage cleanup, just to name a few of our services. No job is too small or too large for us at SERVPRO of Sumner County. Our business is to help you stay in business. We promptly respond if you call us at (615) 822-0200.

Gallatin Storm Damage

Water that poured into this first-floor area of a home in Portland destroyed the flooring materials. As our SERVPRO technicians collected and discarded the waterlogged carpet and padding, we suctioned up the water, placed several drying devices to rid the area of any remaining moisture, and then sanitized versus mold and pathogens.

Hendersonville Severe Fire Damage to a Bedroom

Smoking in bed can lead to horrific results as illustrated in this photo. We needed a  full crew, with lots of Fire & Smoke Restoration skills to demolish, remove smoke  odors and residues, and then to rebuild this room.

Mold Damage - Hendersonville Garage

Mold damage to the Hendersonville garage pictured resulted from a very small leak. The leak ended up wicking through the insulation and the drywall ceiling of the garage. We were required to tear out the ceiling and insulation before treating the mold infestation.

Storm Destroys a Pinewood Flooring in Westmoreland

The flooding waters soaked into the pinewood flooring of this home in Westmoreland and warped it. Our job was to remove the non-salvageable material and dry out the supporting floor joists so a new floor could be installed.

Portland Mold

Mold grows where ever there is moisture and a food source. This drywall was attacked through the paint to cause this unsightly mold growth. The owner requested that we remove this damaged wall. We did, and sprayed an anti-microbial product for sanitizing before closing up the new wall.