Recent Before & After Photos

Tile Cleaning

This customer asked us to help out with the cleaning of their tile in their shower. The first photo shows how the shower looked when we first stepped up on site... READ MORE

Duct Duct Goose

Have you had your ducts cleaned lately? The National Air Duct Cleaner Association recommends having your air ducts cleaned once every three to five years just f... READ MORE

New Construction Commercial Damage

Damages don’t only occur after a home or business has been built and moved into. We do quite a few damages for new construction. When you have multiple tr... READ MORE

Hoarding Clean Up

Everyone has seen the television show Hoarders from time to time, but not all people deal with the situation itself. We received a phone call from a family memb... READ MORE

Flash Flooding Affects Local Church

Large amounts of rain in a short amount of time can lead to flash flooding in areas. Our area received quite a bit of rain in the month of February and it cause... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Loss

This local business provided marketing materials and promotional items to other businesses in the area and unfortunately caught fire during the night. Luckily t... READ MORE

Grocery Run

This homeowner had quite the scare after running her errands after work one day. When this homeowner returned home from the grocery store she sat her groceries ... READ MORE

700 Gallons of Water

This is what 700 gallons of water can do to your ceiling. This Sumner County resident had a pipe burst in his kitchen ceiling, which caused 700 gallons of water... READ MORE

Sumner County Water Loss

The hot water heater was the cause of damage to the kitchen, laundry room, master bathroom and crawlspace of this Sumner County home. Our teams responded to the... READ MORE

Sumner County House Fire

This sweet family had a horrific fire in their Sumner County home caused by groceries. When the homeowners returned home from grocery shopping they set some of ... READ MORE